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Nikke Friis | Career Coach

Get in the right mindset to make the right career decisions for you.


When facing uncertainty or a lack of confidence in your career, making the right decisions can be overwhelming. I get it, I have been there.

Using my professional experience and qualifications, I can support leaders to get into the right mindset to have both a fulfilling and satisfying career.

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My Coaching Philosophy

My aim is to create an environment and connect with you in a way that inspires and empowers you to embrace the crossroads in life and be confident in the decisions you make.  

I turn up to each session with the intention of supporting you in building a resilient mindset, emotional courage, and emotional intelligence, to enable you to navigate both the opportunities and challenges that may be encountered in your life. 

I value the partnership we create, what we learn together and how this enables us to grow as individuals. I believe in you, respect your choices and trust your decisions.


Nikke Friis Coaching - Clarity - glass ball - photographer: hannah-jacobson

Let go of the noise and clutter to connect with what really matters to you.


Nikke Friis Coaching - Certainty - road through forrest - photographer: aaron-burden

Go beyond the roadblocks to create a mindset that boosts your self-confidence.


Nikke Friis Coaching - Confidence - stacked rocks at beach - photographer: jeremy-thomas

Move on from feeling stuck, to develop satisfaction and fulfillment.

Is Career Coaching right for you?

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If you are searching for one or even all three of these things, I can help.

Book a chat and we can work through finding your clarity, certainty, and confidence together.

Success Stories

"After a redundancy and industry change, working with Nikke genuinely helped me to find clarity and purpose in my career. Nikke has an innate ability to dig beneath the surface and draw out the real questions, then rather than tell me the answers, she guided me to find the answers for myself. Now, if a question pops up, I’m equipped with tools to navigate the situation successfully"

Bridgette Birdsall, Digital Fundraising Specialist, Starlight Children’s Foundation

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Book a chat

Let us get to know more about each other.

Book a free 30-minute no-obligation chat, at a time that works for you.

Have a think about any questions you are looking to answer. We can discuss where you are up to, where you would like to go, and the best way to get you there.

Or if you would prefer, get in touch at, and I will get back to you within 2 business days.

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