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Frequently asked questions

  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is a process that starts with where you are now and focuses on where you want to go. The focus is what makes coaching different from counselling or therapy which can be used to help you heal emotional or psychological issues in your past. The coaching process supports you to move forward by exploring without judgement and by creating greater self-awareness of what is possible instead of focusing on a problem or issue and solving how you got there. Mentors or consultants may provide advice or solutions for what you should do. A coach acts as a facilitator, supporting you to expand your own awareness and empowering you to decide what is best for you.
  • How could coaching help me?
    The coaching process could support you to understand what is holding you back from achieving what you want. The key ingredient is the coach, trained to observe, notice, and reflect your patterns, words, reactions that currently you may do subconsciously. On your own it can be difficult to process and observe yourself. With friends or work colleagues, whilst they may not be doing it consciously and it may be coming from a place of good intent, their own bias and beliefs may impact their ability to support you. Coaching could help as it is about you, the coach is focused on you, what you need to move forward and achieve what you want.
  • What can I expect from coaching?
    Coaching can support you to be aligned with who you want to be and enable you to have a sense of value and belonging, by knowing what you want to give and receive in life and having a plan to achieve it. Benefits for the Mind (thinking) Enhanced emotional intelligence Awareness and utilisation of strengths Development of empowered thinking Effectiveness in identifying, prioritising and achieving goals Fostering a problem-solving mindset Enhanced resilience to be resourceful when dealing with difficulties Benefits for the Body (emotions) Enhanced emotional courage Development of habits that energise and inspire Positive self-worth from living a life aligned with core values Excitement created from awareness of and achievement of goals Self-beliefs that enhance confidence and trust to make decisions Wellness and sense of control over work/life balance Unlocking the confidence to: Enhance ability to be decisive and proactive Achieve what matters to you Expand comfort zone Develop new skills Strengthen social skills and relationships
  • What can I do to get the best results from working with a coach?
    Knowing what works for you, what you want from your coach and coaching. This can help you decide who is the right coach for you and enable you to create a stronger rapport with your coach faster. Strong rapport will increase the value you get from each session. You may already know the answers, however if you need support, asking questions such as the below can help: What can I do for myself? Where can my coach add value? What do I not want to talk about or be asked? What are my boundaries in relation to receiving feedback? How ready am I to embrace change? How comfortable am I in being honest with my coach? How comfortable am I with my coach being honest with me? How willing am I to stretch my comfort zone? What can I do to make sure I am present and focused for every session? What do I need to do to support myself in staying committed to the coaching engagement? What do I need to tell my coach about me to create a coaching space I will thrive in?
  • How do you define success?
    Success is of course clients achieving what they want (or more) from the coaching engagement. However, I also define it as my clients being empowered to succeed and grow in all aspects of their life post the coaching engagement.
  • How do we meet?
    To make it easy for you to fit your coaching sessions into your schedule, we meet via Zoom video call. If you are unable to utilise Zoom a phone call can be organised as an alternative.
  • How long is a coaching session?
    Coaching sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes, and a typical coaching session runs between 45-60 minutes.
  • What happens during a coaching session?
    Discovery call: Learning about you and what you aim to achieve from coaching My role as your coach and your role as the coachee The best process and structure for your coaching sessions Recommendation and decision on way forward Agreement on next steps Learnings and benefits of decision/s made Coaching session: Creation of coaching space – internal and external readiness Establishing the focus for the session Exploring where you are at now and where you want to be Creating achievable actions Session value and learnings
  • How is the coaching tailored to me?
    The number of sessions and frequency are tailored to what you want to achieve at a pace that supports you to do this. The focus for each session is decided by you and I will use questions, activities and techniques that are tailored to support you in achieving your objective. Your experiences and perspective are unique to you, to create a coaching space that embraces who you are, you are in control of what is discussed, potential options and actions taken to achieve your goal.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    This will be tailored to your needs, however after 4 sessions you will usually have increased awareness and clarity, and after 6 sessions you will usually be in a place where you are achieving tangible results. If you would like to, you can always add more sessions onto the initial agreed coaching agreement to support you in going further or as a check in to support you in maintaining your new mindset.
  • How often are the sessions?
    The following is recommended; however, this can be adapted to a pace that will support you. 1 week between discovery call and initial coaching session, to allow time to reflect on what you learnt from the discovery session and decide where you would like to begin in session 1 Weekly for first 4 sessions to keep momentum with building awareness and creating clarity Fortnightly for sessions 5-8 to support you in building certainty by completing activities such as reflection, researching, testing, implementing, and learning between sessions. Monthly for sessions 8+ to allow time for self-reflection and assessment between sessions to enhance confidence to set and achieve own goals.
  • When can I do my sessions?
    The aim is to have the sessions fit in with your schedule. As part of the discovery call, we will discuss and agree on a suitable day and time for your coaching sessions.
  • What support can I get between sessions?
    Support is tailored to your needs and learning style. As part of each session, we will discuss what support you require from me and the delivery method for any support required.
  • How do I get started?
    The first step is to book a discovery call, this gives us time to get to know each other, get aligned on what you want and need, and discuss the best way forward for you. The discovery session also provides you with an opportunity to ask me questions that you may have been unable to find an answer for in the FAQs.
  • What is the cost?
    As the coaching sessions are tailored to suit you and what you want to achieve, pricing will be discussed as part of the discovery session. This provides us with an opportunity to discuss what is possible for you and no matter the decision you make create a next step for you to move you towards your goal.
  • How can I pay?
    Payment can be made via Bank transfer or PayPal. Payment is required upfront unless a payment plan has been agreed for coaching agreements of 6+ sessions.
  • What if the coaching does not work for me?
    This is the reason for the discovery session, to ensure we will make a good team and are in agreement that coaching is beneficial to what you are wanting to achieve. As part of each coaching session, we will discuss at the beginning what you want to achieve and at the end we will evaluate the outcome to ensure each session is focused on providing value to you. If at any stage during the coaching agreement you are no longer getting value, you can end the coaching agreement as part of this discussion and any remaining sessions you have paid for will be refunded in full.

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