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Code of conduct

As your career coach, I will:

Conduct myself to the highest levels of ethics, integrity, accountability and responsibility in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics in all coaching interactions. 

Maintain the good reputation of the coaching profession in general and endeavour to enhance public understanding and acceptance of professional coaching.


Make verbal and written statements that are true and accurate about what I offer as a coach, my coaching qualifications, expertise, experience, training, certifications and ICF Credentials. 


Treat all clients and potential clients with absolute dignity, confidentiality and respect as free and equal individuals.  


Obtain express written consent of parent, guardian or teacher as appropriate prior to coaching minors (people who have not yet had their 18th birthday). 


Comply with all laws and by-laws of Australia and, if coaching clients based abroad, with the laws of the client’s country.


Make commercial agreements with clients and potential clients that are fair and will respect all parties to such agreements. 


Obtain written permission from any client or potential client before releasing their names as referees. 


Refrain from offering professional information or advice that I know to be confidential, misleading or where the accuracy is beyond my competence to assess.


Recommend different coaches or resources when these will be more appropriate to the client’s needs.


Commit to take the appropriate action or contact the ICF to address any ethics violation or possible breach as soon as I become aware, whether it involves me or others.


Comply with applicable laws, agreements and respect the absolute rights of client’s confidentiality when maintaining, storing and disposing of any records except as expressly permitted by the client or potential client in writing or as required by law.


Recognise and honour the efforts and contributions of others and respect all copyrights, agreements, work, intellectual property, trademarks and comply with all laws covering such areas.


Conduct and report research with competence, ethically, legally, honesty and within recognised scientific standards and applicable subject guidelines. 


Ensure that all advertisements and promotional materials, whether verbal or written, are legal, decent, truthful, honest and in compliance with the requirements of the Australian Advertising Standards Authority.


Make a copy of this Code freely available to clients if they request it.


As an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation, I am committed to a set of values, principles and standards. 

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